In a down economy, there are fewer open positions and consequently fewer resources required to fill them. But coupled with a high unemployment rate, HR and recruitment professionals have a tremendous need for processes to manage the dramatic increase in the number of candidates applying for positions. Screening for and filling just one key position in the current environment has the potential to stress an already reduced HR staff to its limits. "The Five Do's of Handling High-Volume Recruiting in a Down Economy" discusses how organizations can execute on the five "do’s" to ensure they capitalize on every opportunity to upgrade their talent inside of tight financial constraints.

In today's current economic environment, operational efficiency is a top priority. Implementing technology solutions can create efficiencies and provide many benefits for HR executives, however implementing technology solutions continues to be a sizable investment that carries certain risk."Implementing an Applicant Tracking System: Are You Ready?" discusses how to reduce the risk of implementing software that won't grow with you while outlining how to strategically evaluate your organization's hiring process and get ready to implement an applicant tracking system.










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