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Aon Global Risk Insight Platform® is the world's leading global repository of insurance placements information. By providing fact-based insights into Aon's $54 billion in global premium flow, this Web-based solution helps clients identify the best placement option regardless of size, industry, coverage line or geography.

Our retail brokers use Aon GRIP to check carrier performance on submission-to-quote and quote-to-bind ratios. The platform provides insight from broking activity Aon conducts with carriers whether a placement was successful or failed to bind, so the resulting knowledge is a true reflection of carrier behavior and appetite.

Aon GRIP’s real-time pricing information for similar risks across 19 geographies is unprecedented, allowing our clients to enter the pre-renewal process with a greater understanding of the current marketplace than ever before.

FAConnectSM is Aon Benfield's innovative Web portal that enables our clients to easily and efficiently submit risk placements and complete facultative business transactions. By delivering the broker marketplace to your desktop, you will benefit from easy access, choice, flexibility, and reduction of execution risk.

FAConnect provides a secure environment for ceding company underwriters, brokers, and reinsurance underwriters to interact on-line in a nearly real-time environment. Ceding company underwriters can submit, quote, and bind individual accounts as part of pre-negotiated facilities. Reinsurance underwriters can review accounts, access bordereaux, and manage reports for all such facilities.

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