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Understanding and Managing the Cost of Absenteeism

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Managing the cost of absenteeism

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Aon Hewitt launches industry leading European absence benchmark

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Understanding the impact of sick leave absence

Workplace absence is a universal headache that costs businesses billions each year. Absenteeism lowers productivity, reduces revenue and damages employee morale.

The shift of risk and the financial consequences of absence away from social security towards employers and employees is challenging. It has made sick leave and disability to be amongst the most compelling risks for companies. In coping with their human capital risks, businesses are seeking to benchmark the impact of sick leave for themselves over time, against their industry and against country norms. Data-driven decision-making requires that company information is translated into actionable business intelligence. Aon Hewitt's European Sick Leave Index is a tool that transforms a few lines of payroll data into meaningful insights.

Aon Hewitt's European Sick Leave Index (ESLI)

Aon Hewitt's European Sick Leave Index (ESLI) is designed to help employers understand the impact of sick leave and how it affects their ability to serve customers and add shareholder value. Measuring sick leave within a business is a key indicator for employers to better understand and manage employee wellness. The ESLI provides employers with tangible information relating to the impact of employee illness on their organisation. The ESLI is the largest and first index of its kind ever produced in Europe, and delivers:

The ESLI gives employers deeper insight into the impact of sick leave on overall productivity, enabling them to identify achievable and specific targets to improve performance.

The current Index is based on data gathered from almost 250 employers representing more than half a million employees within Belgium, France, Germany, Netherlands, Spain and U.K. In 2011 and beyond, more employers and more countries will be included to further increase the scope and robustness of the survey.

Your chance to participate – and share in the results

We would like to invite you to participate in the biggest benchmark database of its kind in Europe. Participating employers will receive, free of charge, a customised, 5-page report that presents your sick leave risk results benchmarked against your country or industry sector.

Receiving your free, customised ESLI report is easy. Simply provide us with some close at hand lines of absence data (which will be treated confidentially) and we will give you a bespoke Sick Leave Index that enables you to: