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European Employee Benefits Benchmark - Expectations vs Reality: Meeting Europe's Retirement Challenge

Expectations vs. Reality: Meeting Europe's Retirement Challenge

As Europe's population gets older and the retirement age increases, this will be a growing challenge for many companies. How should they model their human resources and benefits policies to reflect an ageing workforce? By 2050, more than 25% of the population in OECD countries will be 65 years old or older, compared with slightly less than 15% today. Understanding differing attitudes and concerns between national groups is key for companies trying to understand the relative value that employees in different countries attach to different benefits, such as healthcare versus cash or flexible working hours.

The European Employee Benefits Benchmark report examines the demand perspective: what do employees expect from retirement and from the pension arrangements that they have in place? What are employees' main concerns with their retirement, and when do they think this period of their lives will commence? The report will be valuable to human resources directors designing benefits packages for employees in a rapidly changing financial and economic landscape.

The European Employee Benefits Benchmark

The report is based on data from the Aon Consulting European Employee Benefits Benchmark, a survey of more than 7,500 workers from across Belgium, Denmark, France, Germany, Ireland, Netherlands, Norway, Spain, Switzerland and UK, ten of the leading economies in Europe. The Benchmark focuses on the views of workers across Europe on topics such as retirement, employee benefits and other pension-related issues.

Europe's changing pensions landscape

The research findings also demonstrate a challenge for policy makers as they try to create a level playing field for pensions across Europe. Many governments around the world have raised, or are in the process of raising, the minimum retirement age in their countries to help pay for the pensions and healthcare of a rapidly-ageing population. But have they done enough to explain the tax incentives available to encourage employees to save? Will state benefits be sufficient to sustain an ageing population that hasn't saved enough during its working years?

Download the EEBB Report - EU Retirement Challenges