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Aon Consulting 2011 Talent Survey
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Among the high-level findings:
Engagement levels are at an all time low. Employers are shifting focus to the middle managers as the key delivery mechanism to the workforce, communicating change, business strategy and developing models on how the workforce will better contribute to the business's performance.

Leaders are finding themselves ill-equipped to adapt and become a catalyst for change. Fewer than 20% of respondents rate their senior leaders as extremely effective in the skills that they view are extremely important: meeting business goals, meeting profitability targets, delivering service and retaining talent.

HR executives can look toward strategically growing their workforces. Forty-five percent of respondents anticipate slightly to significantly greater hiring volumes than in the past year. Only 16% of the responding organizations anticipate slightly or significantly less hiring this year compared to last. Respondents also report an increased focus on the quality of candidates, citing a priority for more productive employees.

Most acknowledge a shift in communication goals from education to behavior change. They also report a wait-and-see approach to social media tools, with only 16% of organizations investing in this area.

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