Business Continuity Health Check

Having a robust Business Continuity Management Framework and Plan will allow your business to effectively respond in the event of a major disruption.

Aon have developed this simple to use Business Continuity Health Check to allow you to assess your organisation's Business Continuity Management against 8 components of best practice.

Questions Yes No Unsure
Has the Board (or equivalent) endorsed Business Continuity Management as a mandated policy?
Is Business Continuity Management implemented as a component of the organisation's risk management framework?
Has the impact of potential disruptive events been identified and understood for all key organisational functions?
Has the board (or equivalent) defined strategic business recovery objectives?
Does your organisation have a formal Business Continuity Plan?
Are staff with assigned responsibilities in the Business Continuity Plan provided training on an annual basis?
Is your organisation's Business Continuity Plan tested on an annual basis (or more)?
Does your organisation have an annual formal review process to ensure the currency of the Business Continuity Plan?

If you've answered "No" or "Unsure" to any of the above, your organisations Business Continuity Management may not be effective in the event of a disruption.

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