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Given the current economic situation and the importance of defining compensation strategies that facilitate attracting and retaining the best talent, it is essential that each company has a comprehensive vision of the market. Getting consistent and reliable market data is a major challenge, but our general industry study provides current information related to fixed and variable payments, benefits and perks.

Ideal for:

• Comparing compensation programs against other leading companies

• Identifying opportunities to guarantee internal equity

• Maintaining optimal levels of external competitiveness

• Designing pay levels and salary structures

Type of Data Collected:

• More than 1,000 globally consistent positions

• Data is collected by benchmark or by JobLink™ level and family

• Base salaries

• Christmas bonus

• Target and actual variable pay (performance bonus and incentives/commissions)

• Target and actual total cash

• Allowances (car, meal, etc.)

• Prevalence for benefits and perquisites

Survey Process:
Reporting Options and Pricing Details:
1. Please fill out the enrollment form completely and send to antonio.bermudez.monroig@aon.com. If you have any questions              related to the study, call 787.282.4860.
2. We will send an invoice within 30 days after we receive your enrollment form.
3. By completing this enrollment form, you agree to participate and provide your data for the 2019 TCM™ Compensation                      Survey.
4. Once you send the enrollment form, one of our consultants will contact you to send you the materials and coordinate the data          gathering. The due date to submit the data is June 14, 2019.
5. The results of the study will be provided in October. If you select the General Report the report will be sent through e-mail. If            you select the Comparative Results, you will receive a notice with your password and instructions to access the results                    through our system/portal. Access is extended for one year.
6. Should any errors in our work occur, we will correct our work product without any additional charge.  In addition, to the extent          we have failed to satisfy our obligations under this Agreement, our liability to you will not exceed the amount of fees you paid          for the work. As our sole responsibility under this Agreement is to you, you will responsible for any third-party claims against            you or us arising out of or in connection with the services. Third parties include your affiliates, the plans, any trustees and any          employees, participants or their representatives. If it is determined that any damages to such third parties resulted from our              error, we will reimburse you for up to the amount set forth above. None of the parties shall be responsible for breach or                    omissions provided they be the result of unforeseen or fortuitous events, including, but not limited to, strikes, fires,                            earthquakes, wars or other contingencies that are out of the parties’ control.
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